Asahi Industry Co., Ltd.
642 Tono, Nanto City, Toyama, 939-1758, Japan 0763-52-3840

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about asahi industry

Company policy

We shall aim for better living standards for all employees by utilizing our originality, ingenuity, and efforts (technical innovation) under the motto of manufacturing better products in greater quantiy and at more economical prices.


Bearings are incorporated into many machines, such as the automobiles and electric home appliances that we use in our daily life. The bearings market supports rapid technical innovation of industries, and they place great importance on the capabilities of stably supplying products, precision, and sophisticated lathe turning technologies. To accurately respond to the needs of the age, we work hard to improve our technical capabilities and productivity with our production bases of the head office in Japan and two plants in China. At present, the plants in China boast top-level global production capacity to supply high-quality bearing components throughout worldwide markets.

We want to be a business entity that creates quality trusted by customers thorough the ages with our know-how and the spirit of our own ideas that we cultivated since the formation of the company. We also want to be a corporate group in which each individual employee can feel responsibility and pride as a corporation that supports the living standards of people throughout the world. I solicit your expectations on our hard challenges.

Motoki Maeda President