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Well-honed processes are sources of high quality.

Bearings will have significant impacts on performance of mechanical products. The key to the performance of bearings is the lathe and turning technology for rings. Highly sophisticated needs for Q (quality), C (cost), and D (delivery date) cannot be realized simply by the enhancement of facilities or the partial upgrading of skills. ASAHI INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. has acquired ISO 9001 certification and is working hard to build production processes with a higher percentage of completion.

Optimal machining procedures are designed according to various conditions including size, type of machining, and required accuracy. We manufacture various types of turned rings and water-pump shafts mainly by using CNC lathe turning machines, which are capable of controlling accuracy to 1/1,000 mm and single-function lathe turning machines. Problems found in the respective processes are fed back to all processes for improvement, thus ensuring an enhancement of process quality.

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